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JW Hill

James William "JW" Hill was born in Pike County, Illinois in 1853 or 1855 (both dates have been published, the earlier date cited by the Hill family). His father, Joseph Hill, was a ship's carpenter who died in 1866 or 1867. His mother, Mary Neal, died six year later. He held a succession of jobs in Illinois, first as a farm hand at the grand salary of $15 a month. He then became a carriage driver for a hotel for three years. JW then became a delivery clerk until 1875, when he started a restaurant, which he ran for six years.

On October 7, 1879, he was united in marriage with Rachel Ann "Annie" Harshman, of Illinois, who bore to him one son, Emmett. Annie died about a month after giving birth to Emmett, on July 27, 1880. JW left his infant son with Annie's uncle. Emmett remained with the Harshman family for the rest of his life, and is buried next to his mother in Griggsville, Illinois.

JW moved to Eureka Springs to start anew. There are conflicting dates for this move that have been reported in various publications-- 1879 and the more likely late 1880 or early 1881 based on his "six years" of restaurant work that started in 1875. He purchased a team of horses and a carriage, starting the Crescent Livery and Eureka Transfer Company. After one year, he added a second team and carriage, transporting people and mail from the railroad stations in Seligman and Ozark, Missouri to Eureka Springs. The business grew quickly, and JW secured a franchise to supply transportation between the area hotels and the railroad. He also had a contract with the Postal Service and express company. JW's company also provided sight-seeing tours on "Tally-Ho's", large carriages with "stadium" seating that gave everyone a grand view of Eureka Springs' sights.

A Tally-Ho Carriage


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